Hilton Head Concours d’Elegance

Hundreds of the finest collectible automobiles in America were on display at this year’s Hilton Head Concours d’Elegance, one of 25 such exhibitions across the country each year.  Some of the cars are worth millions of dollars, like vehicles designed and built more than 100 years ago by Emile Delahaye.

This year’s event in Hilton Head drew several hundred motorcars.  There was a Woody outfitted with a surfboard on the roof, dozens of mid-‘50s behemoths from Cadillac, Mercury, and Pontiac, early ‘60s MGBs, Packards, Stutzs, Jaguars and dozens of historic BMWs and Porsches celebrating design, power, and ... fun!

Exhibiting your car at a Concours is testament to your financial success in life.  Besides the cost iof restoring and/or maintaining your car, you also have to get your car to the events.  Often, this means hiring a truck to deliver the vehicle.

Perhaps surprisingly, owners of these almost-perfect vehicles are only too happy to talk about their cars, even though they have little to do during exhibition days than sit on folding chairs and wait for the judges to come by and calculate just how perfect the cars are.

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