Hurricane's a photo op

In Maine, when there's a hurricane passing by lots of folks watch the roiling waters.  So, that's what happened Tuesday along the mid-coast. 

I drove to the Pemaquid Peninsula and its all-time great lighthouse.  I was not alone

Getting shots of the pounding waves was not very rewarding.  The day was gray, and the light was flat.  To get contrast inthe shot, I had to turn to tweaking and post-processing in Aperture (Yep, I'm still using it.)  Some sunlight would have been helpful in focusing, too.

Still, it's a gift to stand on the shoreline an d see all the ledge below and the powerful waves turning and rolling and cresting and crashing.

"The days grow short ...

... when you reach September."

So says the song, but these fewer days in Maine are still Spectacular.

Saturday was one, and we were gifted with the opportunity to sail on Casco Bay with friends.  There were a few other sailboats on the water, plus one lobster boat that came kinda close to our stern as it raced to check traps.

We are in a 'shoulder' season now.  Our days are glorious - cool nights and crisp mornings. The family vacationers have returned to home and classrooms.  The 'leaf peepers' are still a few weeks away.  

It's vewy, vewy quiet. 

Now that's good eatin'

             Marbled Rye toast, hash browns, and a sausage
                       and cheddar cheese omelet$8.50

    Had some business to do in Portland this morning, so before our meeting we stopped at Becky’s Diner, on Commercial Street. Breakfast served 4am-4pm, besides lunch and dinner.

    Becky’s has become a roll-up-your-sleeves basic breakfast experience for 25 years.  The menu is what you’d expect  - eggs, omelettes with sides, hash, pancakes and waffles.  It’s all bargain-priced.  You can eat and fill-up for less than $10.  

    Becky’s has been called an iconic diner, and I’m  a sucker for diners.  A few years ago, I did a photo project on these special eateries.  In this one, Gardiner, Maine’s A-1 Diner is the focus

Orange lemonade at Coastal Botanical Gardens

For more than a week, the weather forecast for today was gorgeous.  Sunny and 83 degrees.  But at 9am, as we leaving to meet our friends and their sailboat, the heavens opened up.

Voyage canceled!

But, of course, light appeared in the eastern sky and by Noon I was shooting in "shadow" mode.  The sun was peeping thru, and but when we began our visit to the Coastal Botanical Garden, the sun came out and the color was rampant.

There's no moral to this story, nor any photography lesson to be absorbed other than to be at the right place at the right time.  Instead of lemons today, we got lemonade.