Now that's good eatin'

             Marbled Rye toast, hash browns, and a sausage
                       and cheddar cheese omelet$8.50

    Had some business to do in Portland this morning, so before our meeting we stopped at Becky’s Diner, on Commercial Street. Breakfast served 4am-4pm, besides lunch and dinner.

    Becky’s has become a roll-up-your-sleeves basic breakfast experience for 25 years.  The menu is what you’d expect  - eggs, omelettes with sides, hash, pancakes and waffles.  It’s all bargain-priced.  You can eat and fill-up for less than $10.  

    Becky’s has been called an iconic diner, and I’m  a sucker for diners.  A few years ago, I did a photo project on these special eateries.  In this one, Gardiner, Maine’s A-1 Diner is the focus