Back in Chicago


In late June, the Out of Chicago conference drew around 400 photographers.

I considered going last year, but we were in the midst of moving. Discretion and common sense prevailed, as a marriage counselor would have advised.

But this year I went. And for four days, I walked the city where I lived in the ‘70s.  I worked for NBC Radio, covered Richard J. Daley and exercised our Airedales in Lincoln Park.  It was a great time.

Now, shooting on the River Walk, a showcase for the city’s dramatic new architectural inspirations, it was clear just how much has changed.

The London House, where I saw Barry Manilow accompany Bette Midler in her nightclub act is just one of the things that are different.  “What the hell, Frank!,” I said as I walked by a floating wine bar on the Chicago River, “It’s been nearly 40 years.  Of course things have changed!"  The London House is now a Corner Bakery Cafe.

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