Luc's Big Night


The fruits of August’s Wiscasset Art Walk are now on the walls of the Maine Art Gallery, 15 Warren Street. About two dozen painters from as near as Wiscasset to as far as New Hampshire, brought their easels and paints to this month’s event where they ‘painted the town’. Their art work is now for sale at the Gallery.

“Water View,” the Old JaiL

“Water View,” the Old JaiL

Among the participating artists was Tenant Harbor’s Kathleen Fox. Her whimsical painting of the Wiscasset Jail, “Water View”, possibly features an inmate gripping the bars of his cell.

As usual, at this Art Walk there was plenty to enjoy.  Besides the art galleries, food, wine and oyster tastings, several street musicians entertained.

Musician/singer Rick Turcotte and Lucia Droby.

The Art Walk’s founder, Lucia Droby, is already looking forward to greater attendance at next year’s Walks.  The $5 million Route 1 Downtown Improvement project will be complete and there will be fewer barrels and obstacles to promenading on Main Street.  Folks are also looking forward to the wider sidewalks with inviting chairs and tables.

190829_artwalk copy.jpg

Among the most popular “exhibits” at the Walk were friendly dogs, including our own Luc.  He is a four-month old Briard who joined our family from Massachusetts this summer.  Lots of people petted him.

It was a big night for Luc.  He was on his way to graduation from a beginners dog training class at Edgecomb’s Positively Best Friends.  Luc was doing fine until on the last exercise, where the dog runs to his mistress on the “Come” command. he was distracted by stuffed toys on the floor, tripped and veered off course.