The streets of New York

During what must have been the coldest week of the year, I and eight other photographers, from Los Angeles to Toronto, walked the streets trying to capture, the essences, the people, the tastes, and the life of New York City.

Our guide was ex-Canadian, now US citizen Steve Simon. He is an incredibly talented and thoughtful photographer, who is eager to teach and motivate.

Through 'lectures', exhibitions of other street photographers' work, documentary video, films, and visits to NYC galleries, he exposed us to varied photograph styles, influences and passions.

There is no doubt that Steve's energy and skills motivated us to study, shoot, and learn

2014-11-17 at 09-24-03.jpg

Our first day of shooting was full of rain.  Buckets of it.  Plastic bags for all our cameras. TYhe next three days, while sunny, saw temperatures in the 20s and 30s, hardly comfortable conditions for working with lenses, camera bodies, and shutter buttons.

Click here to see some of the first images.