Getting ready for the Warbirds

    In about two weeks, Wings Over Wiscasset 2.0 will attract thousands of people to its two days of air shows featuring WW II Warbirds and the Texas Flying Legends, antique autos, a big band swing dance, tributes to veterans, and more.

    In preparation, I went out to the Wiscasset Airport to remind myself of where I might position to get the best photos of the events.

    Since I don’t carry a lot of equipment when I shoot, I wasn’t sure whether my 18-200mm lens could do the job.  But then I reviewed my images from last year’s show and noticed that I did most of my shots with my then-new 18-70mm.  

wingsoverwiscasset 19026.jpg

    Surprise, surprise! The 70mm was enough for me to get some detail as planes flew over. Going up to 200mm will be a big leap closer, just fine to catch planes in the air. I also found that shooting at 1/1250th of second is enough to stop propellers, and, like when shooting snow scenes, I should open up a stop or two to prevent the sky from overpowering the planes.

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