Jay Maisel may be mellowing.

Odds are I will regret writing that by the end of the week.  After all, the first day of our class with Jay was pretty much all-Jay-all-the-time.  As it should be.

He 'lectured' from his notebook of thoughts, one liners, p;oems and, yes, a few cuss words.  But his comments and thoughts were easy to grasp and even remember when your eye is to the viewfinder, before you push the button.

Since Jay was showing only his ownimages, her was benign.  Today, we will begin with him reviewing samples of our work we brought as a 'portfolio'.  I doubt there will be as much laughing today as there was yesterday.

After the lecture Monday, he sent us out to shoot.  A few of us when to the Union Fair, where I met a winner.


I shot her as she and her sisters and m other, Megan, were herding their oxen back to a stall.  Yes. Oxen.

Then last night, Jay was the featured speaker at the Rockport Opera House.  He explained he's now working on producing a num er of themed books featuring his work and travels during the past 50 years.  He showed 300 images - and we all wanted to see more.

As for today, wish me luck.