Jay Maisel may be mellowing.

Odds are I will regret writing that headline by the end of the week.  After all, the first day of our class with Jay was pretty much all-Jay-all-the-time.  As it should be. Yesterday, Jay was showing only his own images.  Today, we will begin with him reviewing samples of work we brought as a 'portfolio'.  I doubt there will be as much laughing today as there was yesterday.

After the lecture Monday, he sent us out to shoot.  A few of us when to the Union Fair. I met a winner.


I shot her as she and her sisters and mother, Megan, were herding their oxen back to a stall.  Yes. Oxen.

Last night, Jay was the featured speaker at the Rockport Opera House.  He explained he's now working on producing a number of themed books featuring his work and travels during the past 50 years.  He showed 300 images - and we all wanted to see more.

As for today, wish me luck.