Fish in the right pond

Lesson one when you're trying to be a photographer: show only your best work.  If you show everything, hits, misses, maybes - well, you'll be like everybody else. Of course, if you're trying to be a photographer, then you should have more good ones than 'regular' people.

The point here is that yesterday, Day 2 with Jay Maisel, was a bust.  My fault.  What I've got to show at class this morning is lame.

Yesterday, after class, I went shooting along the coast of Maine, concentrating on finding people/street photographs.  First I went to a sculptor's garden, then the economically-limping downtown of Waldoboro, then onto Damariscotta and Wiscasset.

Slim pickings.  No people in the garden, no people in downtown Waldoboro (I mean, no people).  Tourists were in Damariscotta and Wiscasset.  Which doesn't mean there weren't people pictures to get. Since they were all visitors, there weren't many 'moments' - where life was happening.

Sorry to say that for my afternoon's work, in class this morning I will show a picture of two people and a dog sharing a lobster roll by the river.  Pretty damn limp.

Moral: Where you fish makes a difference in whether you catch fish.