Back to Chicago


In late June, the Out of Chicago conference drew around 400 photographers.

I’d considered going last year, but we were in the midst of moving. Discretion and common sense prevailed, as a marriage counselor would have advised anyway.

But this year I went. And for four days, I walked the city where I lived back in the ‘70s.  I worked for NBC Radio, covered Richard J. Daley, and exercised our Airedales in Lincoln Park.  It was a great time.

Now, shooting on the River Walk, a showcase for the city’s dramatic new architectural inspirations, it was clear just how much has changed.

The London House, where I saw Barry Manilow accompany Bette Midler’s nightclub act was just one of the things that are different.  “What the hell, Frank!,” I said as I walked by a floating wine bar on the Chicago River, “It’s been nearly 40 years.  Of course things have changed!" 

The London House is now a Corner Bakery Cafe.

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